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    LANDesk Software Issue.



      I have issue in LANDesk (LDMS) i can't able to push the Software to client machine it’s going to pending status or Active but is not getting Install any software's. Please help me this & please find the attachment for Error.

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          fifo Apprentice


          could be that some previous instalation didn't finish for those machines?

          What settings for "Client queue options" do you have in your package?

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            As per the previous installtions has not yet complited hence the same has been deleted and have cleared the Queue, Now we have updated a new file installtion but it is throwing the below error. Pl let us know if there is any other way of installation or we need to have solution for the below Error.LDMS1.jpg

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              fifo Apprentice

              There is more info needed..

              1. what delivery method are you using?

              2. Didn't you set theese packages to be delivered as Policy via LaunchPad/ Portal ?

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                I am just pushing only One exe file (Software) to 5 Client Machine it’s not getting install.

                We are not using any Policy.

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                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                  Policy made available to client means either the delivery method you are using is a Policy (Policy is a type of delivery method). Or you are using a policy supported push (the default normally) and for whatever reason the client does not accept the push so the task switches to a policy.


                  Either way, for something to be set to 'made available', you are using a policy.


                  As a test, try editing the properties of that task and switch it to something like Push - Standard Push Distribution


                  This means it will not fail over to a policy and will tell you what it believes the issue is.


                  Also, if you manually run policy.sync.exe on the client, does it begin to install the package?


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                    mrspike SSMMVPGroup



                    Right click on the task > properties


                    In there you will see "Delivery Method", you need to set a delivery method when you create a task otherwise it will default to one that might not be what you need

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                      We have keep the same policy in (Scheduled Task Properties) but still not working. If you can take Remote Control like (2pm to 9pm Timing) that is good for us.



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                        Hi Team,


                        I try with different way to install the Software to client manchine but still same issue. Can we have quick solution...



                        LDMS 01.JPG



                        LDMS 02.JPG

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                          mrspike SSMMVPGroup



                          Just so you know, both Mark and I are fellow users, though I think Mark is also re-seller and not LANDesk employees.  We cannot remote control into your systems.   We are MVP's (volunteer helpers) here on the forum but do not have any special powers.. etc..


                          I am in the middle of a project that is due so I will not be able to help troubleshoot this until next week, I would suggest that you contact LANDesk support via phone or put a ticket in on-line if you have a support agreement.


                          Mark, or others might be able to assist you more if not.