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    Software Useage


      I am trying to scan a group of computers for a list of specific software and generate a report of all the computers that shows the total times each program has been executed and the total duration that each program has been used. I have figured out how to do this one program at a time, just wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          If your question is "how do I get a report on a group of computers on a specific set of software" (if I read you right), the answer is "use SQL to pull the data you want/need and make a report out of the results".


          The first question here is - how comfortable are you with SQL / do you have a DBA? It's not terribly difficult stuff to do, but obviously if you have no resources to SQL expertise, this will be a bit tricky...


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            Which fields, and from which "tables" do I pull the usage information.






            I was hoping it was a bit simpler.  I remember when I was using SMS, it allowed for picking a group of computers and software and running a canned report.  With Landesk being better, I just knew it was a built in function, somewhere









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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              OK - one crash-course in SLM coming up...


              1 - First of all - computers are identified by COMPUTER_IDN's - you can find those mapped to DeviceID's (and their DeviceNames) in the COMPUTER-table.


              That's where you can collect the list of COMPUTER_IDN's you want.


              2 - Products are listed in the PRODUCT table. You want the PRODUCT_IDN from here for your chosen product(s).


              3 - Each product has several files associated with it, you can find these in the PRODUCT_FILE table - search for your PRODUCT_IDN (I'd suggest doing so one by one) and pull the FILEINFO_IDN out of it.


              4 - FILENIFO_IDN's are used in the FILEINFO and FILEINFOINSTANCE tables. The FILEINFO table is primarily the "master"-list of all individual files, not much use here for you.


              5 - Pull the usage information you want by querying the FILEINFOINSTANCE table against your FILEINFO_IDN's (potentially filtering with your COMPUTER_IDN's) - the usage information is written in the SCM_xxx tables ( # of executions - duration is in seconds, we just divide it by 60 to show seconds).


              It's not very difficult, there's just a LOT of data.


              To get your teeth into it, I would suggest walking through it slowly on a test-DB with just one or two computers in it, that'll make a bit more sense. It really is just 4-5 tables ... and pretty simple stuff. The problem is that the FILEINFOINSTANCE table is just plain massive :).


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                Where would I input the resultant SQL statement?  Is it somewhere inside the Console, or outside of the console GUI?  This is very helpful information by the way.















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                  Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                  It would be outside of LANDesk.  It would be directly to the database.


                  On MS SQL  you put it in SQL Query Analyzer, if you have it.


                  Oracle has a place to input SQL Queries as well.

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                    Software License Monitoring it the best way to track this.