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    HII assigning new drivers of a specific PC model and maker to old PC's models that provokes Blue Screen of Death at boot


      Hi there,


      I'm facing a critical issue with HII (LDMS 9.5 sp1) when adding new drivers for different computer models that I have tested and approved for these specific PC's models (Dell Latitude E6x40, DELL Precission T1700, T3610, T5610, T7610). Seems that some older computers with different models of hardware detects the new drivers as adequate for their components (let's say the chip set driver for a DELL optiplex 7010 or HPCompaq 8300), and then HII assign these new drivers to the old computers even to pc's that are from a different maker, for instance HII is assigning DELL drivers to HP computers.

      The nightmare for me is that I don't know how to pinpoint what drivers has been assigned to each old computer and which one (or ones) are the offending drivers that produces the blue screen of death when the the new image boots up after HII injects the drivers to the old PC's models.

      I have over 40 different PC models and makers in our environment and we add periodically new models. So now I face a difficult situation as every time I add new drivers for new PC's to the HII driver library I don't know what will happen to the existing models when a image is deployed and the HII injects the drivers. Up to now and after adding some new drivers I'm in a terrible situation because computers that were receiving OS images and drivers perfectly alright, and now these fails with the BSOD and I don't have a clue about which drivers are the offending drivers that are breaking the OSD process.


      Any ideas about it? Any help will be welcome.