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    Adding a dynamic hyperlink to a config item window


      We have created a CI called workstation which holds details of laptops, PCs etc. I want to add a hyperlink/button to the workstation window which contains a hyperlink to a Microsoft SCCM report like http://lbrccm01/SMSReporting_LBR/Report.asp?ReportID=420&ComputerName=CAFPC11866 . I want the part after the equals "=" to be the name of the workstation, i.e.the key of the CI. When I view the windown, I want to be able to click on the link/button and for the SCCM report to run.

      By default, the report lists all software on a workstation including MS hot fixes etc. We are going to edit this default report to show only applications loaded by us.

      For information, we have not loaded software CIs into LANDesk yet which might help this process - we are not that far advanced.


      All ideas much appreciated.

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