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    Office 2007 Install



      I am sorry for asking a question that looks like it has been answered but it is not working for me.  I have office 2007 with a custom msp in the same directory as the exe.  I have the job setup to run the exe and i have added to folders in the additional files area.  I have posted this all to a web share with the correct right.  In the .msp i have set it the display level to none and i have not checke dthe compleation notice, suppress modal or no cancle.  The job runs but evertime it comes up the customize or install offcie.  It should just do it, not ask the end user.  Anyone have an idea what i am missing.






      Thanks in advance!









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          bhadzik Apprentice


          I assume you are following this doc






          Did you add the additional commands to force it to use the msp file?



          /adminfile myconfig.msp



          It is probably not finding that file, or the file is no good. As a troubleshooting step, i like to run everything by hand from the local cache of the machine



          setup.exe /adminfile myconfig.msp







          And see what happens. Maybe it gives an error during the setup. This happened to me a lot in 2003, and it would ask for only the product key, so that was something I knew was wrong in the config file. And since you are executing it from the cache on the machine, you can tell if all the files are being downloaded correctly.



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            The question I see being asked is "how to get rid of the Licensing dialogue pane" ?..



            When your are creating your O2k7 install, you would have run SETUP /ADMIN to launch the OCT (office customization tool)



            Part of that wizard has the attached settings.. you should be able to provide the correct settings and SAVE which saves to your msp.. Remember your command line to install is something like   SETUP /Adminfile file://%5C%5Cpath%5Ccustom.msp



            So it seems like you should be able to make the change in the OCT which produces your msp , and launch the setup calling these changes.  Note: While Landesk indicates putting the msp in the same folder as the setup.exe. ; we chose to keep it in the UPDATES folder of of the O2k7  source.  There are OTHER msp's there as well and am unsure what role they play besides being individual applett msp's.  As they say, it doesn't matter as long as you call it correctly in the command line.



            This is what we did (visio attached)  - created a job to predeploy (like copy but don't install) , then ran "setup.exe", then appended on updates and special configs to fix prolbems