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    LDMS not talking across scopes


      I am having an interesting problem.  In our environment the Core is attached to our main domain and our main domain talks to other PCI compliant remote domains within our network over secure VPN tunnels. The remote domains are setup with 4 different scopes which are assigned by the remote server:  10.14.xx.xx, 10.15.xx.xx, 10.16.xx.xx, 10.18.xx.xx. The server, at these remote domains, resides on 10.16.xx.xx – LDMS can talk to the server just fine but it is unable to talk to all 3 of the other scopes.


      I am not really sure how to determine what is not opened up but I can UNC to the core server from all four scopes at some sites.  At one of our remote sites all of the computers are on the 10.16.xx.xx and I can provision these machines just fine using the same agent as our other remote sites.



      What could be preventing LDMS from talking to the 10.14.x.x, 10.15.x.x, and 10.18.x.x scopes at these remote sites?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          LANDesk doesn't have any particular intelligence being used in this area so it is most likely a standard networking issue.


          Take a look at this document as it mentions the ports that LANDesk uses. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1591


          Remember that two-way communication is involved depending on the function you are trying to use. If you can open UNC from client to core, can you open UNC from Core to client?


          How do those machines report their IP address? LANDesk attempts to communicate primarily using the IP address in the database, so is this address resolvable from core (or console) to client? If the IP address that the machines believe they have is different to what is actually required to access them, or somehow something is inbetween acting as a proxy or a NAT then you will have issues.


          A few things to think of for now.  Ultimately, if endpoints cannot be resolved directly by the core, then you will be stuck with only client-side initiated actions such as policy checks. If you wanted functionality like remote control, the networking would need to be different or you would need to consider something like the Cloud Services Appliance.


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            Thank you for this Mark, I will post back with an update if/when we find the problem.