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    LDMS Provisioning Task Stops


      I recently provisioned 150 HP/Lenovo laptops using LDMS 9.5 SP1 with HII.  For some reason, 3 HPs stopped during the middle of the provisioning template.  The task quit in the system configuration section of a template.  Is there a way to continue the task (I tried to PXE boot again to WinPE Provisioning, but no go) OR should I just delete the existing task and restart?  I appreciate any help given.  See pic.




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          We had a problem with our OS Provisioning halting at various places along the process (we are also on 9.50 SP1). It turned out there is a problem with using SD inside of the OS Provisioning process. I am not certain, but if your Adobe is an SD task I suggest you convert it to an OSP task by copying it to the local device (as a task) and then running it there (as an executable task). This problem has been confirmed and is being rectified by LANDesk for some future update. In the mean time we have converted ALL of our SD tasks in provisioning to execuatable tasks.


          Secondly, we have discovered a number of issues with SP1 itself. The one that is causing a problem for the SD team is that the LANDesk inventory does not display all of the items in the "Software.Add or Remove Programs. Program" table when it scans Windows 7 machines (XP works correctly). It imay be necessary to get your TAM or some LANDesk representative to authorize you for LD95-CP_BASE-2013-1017 if you indeed require that fix.

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            Thanks for the reply!  I ended up deleting the running provisioning task and running again.  Worked on all 3 this time.  Appreciate the response.

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              Just a general thing. In order to use a software package you must install the LANDesk agent. Are you using a specific agent design that has no locally scheduled tasks for policy check and vulscan or just the standard production agent?


              If the standard production agent, then either create a very basic agent that has 'never' set as the schedule for all policy and security tasks or have a service control action to immediately stop the Intel Local Scheduler after the agent installation.


              This avoids issues where you can't install software because a policy or a vulscan has already kicked off.


              Thought I'd check.


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                Actually we created a Provisioning Agent per the OS Provisioning doc that Roy Meyer wrote. That agent has its date set to June 3000 so it well never run vulscan. Once all of the builds are in place we switch agents. There still exists a problem with SD in Provisioning and this has been confirmed by the LANDesk SEs and Dev team. They have a fix which will be forthcoming.

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                  I have the same issue. Typically halts after a reboot. I hadn't placed a ticket on it yet since it was looking partly environmental. It's looking less environmental and more like LANDesk related.


                  After looking at the attachment, yes same exact problem I'm having. It looks like the local agent just quits responding, it wont even allow remote control.

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                    KrisBultinck Apprentice



                    The problems described here look very familiar to the problems that we see in our environment.


                    I would say that about 30 % of the deployments fail, and it all looks very random.

                    Most of the times it is just after a reboot, but not always.

                    All different hardware types ( dell, HP, etc.. )

                    Starting the deployment a second time, is most of the times successful, but not always.


                    Did you ever get a fixs for that problem?

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                         I mentioned earlier that there is a known issue in 9.50 and > where you DO NOT want to use SD within provisioning. LANDesk is aware of this at the programmers level and while it does not affect every customer, many of us have confirmed the problem. Until there is a significant upgrade (according to our TAM) we have to function in this fashion.


                      The Fix (rather the BAND Aid):


                      1) Remove ALL SD tasks from your provisioning packages.

                      2) Convert as much as you can to batch processes (test them)

                      3) Save all of the programs that you want to run in a share on your preferred server

                      4) Place all of the batch processes in their respective program folders in the share

                      5) Create an install repository on you targeted device during the OS Provisioning pocess

                      6) Copy (replicate if you provision at many remote sites) the contents of the install share created in step 4) to the location created in step 5)

                      7) Run each of the batch processes as Executable Tasks from within provisioning




                          Since we began provisioning as above we no longer have any issues within provisioning whilst deploying software. That said I certainly want SD back at some point due to the ease of applying upgrades across the enterprise and into our production images; that is our SD team writes everything, tests it and gets permission to install it and then the provisioning team simply points to it in the image.

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                        LANDesk support has a beta patch that resolved one part of my issue (the stopping). I'm pretty sure it going to be implemented in the next update release.

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                          KrisBultinck Apprentice

                          Hey Joe

                          Thanks for this reply.

                          This is already the second time that i have similar issues with OSD and LANDesk.
                          The previous time it was with version 9.0

                          At that time they suggested to implement the same workaround that you have implemented.
                          However like you mentioned, this creates a lot of additional work that is hard to support with the current LANDesk team that works for my organization
                          A fixs like the finally produced with version 9.0 ( after 6 months ) and implemented in SP1 for 9.0 is by far preferred by me.

                          In absence of a fixs I am certainly considering you solution.

                          Thanks Kris.

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                            KrisBultinck Apprentice

                            Hey Brian.

                            Do you have any details about the patch to request to LANDesk support?

                            I certainly could use it!


                            Thanks in advance.