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    HKCU registry custom data




      Has anyone successfully added and reported back in inventory information from HKCU using custom data?  I've added the registry key as per screenshot below and only get very limited results returned.  Most of which are administrators.  Previous posts on this are back in 2008 so don't seem to really apply any more.  I'm using LDMS 9.5 SP1.



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          My personal opinion is that LANDesk should remove that option from the console unless they sort this out.


          HKCU is only available if the inventory scanner is launched by the end user. Since these days the scanner is launched by LOCALSYSTEM this tends not to work. Even if it is launched by the user it will get deleted next time the LOCALSYSTEM account launches the scanner.


          So the only real way to handle this is to build your own script that runs at login under the user context, finds the information you want and then places the result into the HKLM custom registry section so that the scanner can always pick it up.


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            Thanks for the info Mark.  I'm not seeing the custom data being deleted though by the scheduled daily scans but a full sync does definitely delete it.  So possibly I can get a rough esitimate of the settings out there if I send down a package to run inventory scan as user and collect the info.


            I've noticed there is also HKU.  Have you used this before?  Does it skip the SIDs and show the info under the users somehow.  From what you say using the HKU would essentially be useless unless the exact SIDs are known.