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    Created MSI for distribrution but keep getting this error




      Processing package: RightFax Client 9.4 installation

      Mon, 09Dec 2013 12:20:47 3056 3828 File \\<servername>\RightFax_Client_9file://\\<servername>\RightFax_Client_940\40 Product Suite - Client.msi) is not in cacheRightFax\



      On the first page of the MSI Package: type MSI

      \\<serverIP>\RightFax_Client_940file://\\<serverIP>\RightFax_Client_940\R\ Product Suite - Client.msiightFax_Client_940\RightFaxR


      Second Page:

      Install Checked

      Use Windows installer to install and control installation checked

      RUNBYRIGHT ....  etc etc the rest of the command line entered in the Enter Command Line space.

      Additional Files PAge:

      I added \\<serverIP>\RightFax_client_940\Setup.exe


      It will not let me add the client.msi and I cannot have the package typer of MSI unless I have that on the first page.

      What is going on???