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    Cyrrilic in Telnet CE Version 7.3.172



      We are using Motorolа Mc9190 terminals and  Wavelink Telnet CE Version 7.3.172 with following settings:

      Emulation: VT220

      Display language:  Russian - KOI8

      Server Language: UTF-8





      Displaying of russian symbols are fine but

      If we enter russian characters by keyboard or by scanning barcodes we get symbols ?????


      Is there any way to solve this issue?

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          cachilli SupportEmployee



          In some cases the Code pages are not a match.. Double check your code pages and what the server is expecting..Also make sure you have the Language version installed on the device..


          If this does not correct the issue please open a Wavelink support ticket..

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            Cachilli thank you for your reply.

            Installed version is language. Server is expecting to get  characters in UTF-8.

            What do you mean by "Double check your code pages"?  Server Code page and code page of symbols that sent by keyboard?

            Also if we scan barcode which contains cyrrilic in UTF-8 wavelink  displays ??????.

            May you please provide a link for opening  а support ticket.

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              You hardly can make Russin input with keyboard - there are no hardware Cyrrilic support by Motorola on HW level.


              But you can make your own software keyboard with Wavelink Keyboard Creator, map SW keys to proper codes.


              Scan input with Unicode should be handled carefully, as for today there are no support fot its correct processing in core Motorola libraries (Wavelink does use it). Possible way is to get data from scanner as is, convert it to required code page, then send to input or whatever. It works, confirmed : )

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                Hi AlexanderM! Thank you for your idea! We set up a  Keyboard Creator. We try to map several russian chracters  with their unicode   numbers.  For instance letter Й has hex code 0419. When we launch  the wavelink and try to insert this characters via keyboard the letters Й or  any other characters do not appear - blank space.

                If have any idea how we can solve this please share