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    Retaining form data when going 'back' in internet explorer


      We are moving to web access and an issue that has been raised with us is that when using the back key in IE all previous data entered is lost.  Our analysts are primarily using IE8.


      I will try to describe in steps.


      1. An analyst will open a new call window and begin to enter details
      2. They check knowledge base for some information which will open in the same browser tab (I know this can be opened in a new tab by right clicking the query but am putting that aside for this)
      3. The analyst will then click the back button to return to the call form once they have gained the info they need from knowledge only to find the call form is blank and all the previously entered info is lost.


      Does anyone know if there is a way of making IE remember the data if you need to use the back button?


      Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.