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    Push .reg files to the desktop of computers


      I need to install a couple of Registry Keys to the desktops of over 2,000 computers. Now because of all the security on the machines, I cannot have this done without any interaction from the user and myself.    Is there anyway for me to just push the .reg files to the desktops of those machines?

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          You can create a batch package with a batch file to copy the .REG file to C:\Users\Public\Desktop.  That is the same as the "All users" desktop from W2K/XP.  Make sure you add the .REG files into the "Additional Files" section of the package.

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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup

            When you say you cannot do it because of the security on the machines and not being able to do it without interaction, are you saying your company requires the user to see this, or there are settings preventing you from getting this work??


            Explain that a bit more if you can and perhaps we can work out a way for you

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              I also agree that a bit more background on the problem and your desired result will really help.


              Is there a package that also must be installed where the .reg files can piggy back the package?.... exactly what Slapp recommended (I really like this idea btw...somehow i never thought of this  :-/  )   If there is no package to install, what are thoughts on creating a bat file with

              reg delete  and/or  reg add  and just push the batch?