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    TFS (Team Foundation Server)


      Can LANdesk integrate with LANDesk?

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          I take it you mean can LDSD (Service Desk) integrate with LDMS (Management Suite) since your in the Service Desk Community?  The answer is Yes.


          There are a few things that can be done fairly easily like remote access and inventory.  To do more exotic things, LPM is a great tool to make just about anything is possible. 


          As an example, we use Service Desk to schedule workstation upgrades (XP to Win 7) and re-images (Win 7 to Win 7) at night.  Service Desk waits for the scheduled time and then shoots an e-mail to LPM.  LPM then calls scripts and LDMS to backup data, re-image the computer, restore data, install the LDMS agent, rename the computer, add to domain, and start windows updates.  We just have to re-install printers and non standard software from a list that is provided during the upgrade.

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            I'm specifically wondering if LDSD/LDMS can integrate with Team Foundation Server, which is part of Visual Studio.  We're using TFS to manage our code changes.  And we're going to start using LANDesk as our Change Management system. 


            Is there another place where I should post this question?  I'm very new to the LANDesk system.  Thanks!

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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Jenni,


              There isn't any native integraton between LANDesk products and TFS, however saying that we actually have some integration in place within LANDesk to help track bugs which was fairly straight forward.


              LPM (free for Service Desk customers) can make web service calls.  We wrote a very small web service using the TFS SDK to create a work item and return the ID of that item.  You could also do any number of other queries/operations.  This isn't something I can really share much more info on but I'm hoping on the basis that you're using TFS you have someone that would have the knowledge required to build a small web service using the SDK.


              In regards to LPM there are plenty of articles on here already about how to set that up with Service Desk.  This isn't the smallest piece of work though so you might want to engage with LANDesk/your reseller for assistance.