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    Create Report - Listing All Computers That Have Dual Monitors

    rabinod Apprentice

      I would use reporting much more if I could find a good document on how to create reports, showing some good examples etc. Also knowing how to brows the data I'm looking for would be helpful. Knowing the schema would be very helpful, is that listed somewhere. Does anyone have a report for LD 9.5 SP1 that will list all computers that are using two monitors? We inventory every three days and of course I can create task to get an update etc.


      I tied query's and it just did not work out, I could be doing something wrong. I would like to learn more about using the reporting tool that comes with 9.5 and make good use of it, but the 20 minutes I spent with it so far, it does not seem to be very user friendly like other report writer I have used, I have used Crystal 10 etc and of course MS Access. I also have used Cognos and a couple of others. I'm not knocking it, I know I'm ignorant about it.


      Any information would be very much appreciated.