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    Inventory (Location of Items)






      I'm a bit confused with LDMS 8.8 with regard to the way it organize devices.  In previous version I was able to create sub group under "Network View -->  Devices --> All Devices".  Once the groups are created I would move devices into those subgroup.  It actually doesn't move devices but simply copies the devices into the subgroup.



      I work in a school board and devices move from locations all the time, keeping track of physical assets has become difficult with LANDesk.  I'll explain our process so it's easier to understand:


      1. machine is not working

      2. replace the machine

      3. defective machine is brought to the office and serviced (imaged, but not turned on)

      4. machine sits in warehouse until needed (this could be days to weeks to months)

      5. eventuly machine is taken out and set at a school (any school)


      I have not gotten a clear answer from people with regard to inventory.  Do they keep records or do they simply delete the records?



      If I wanted to keep the record, I need to create a location for that record which is why I wanted to create a subgroup under "all devices" called warehouse and then move the device into that. 



      In 8.8 that feature has been removed, instead a new group is created called "Public Devices".  The only problem with this is only Administrator (privileges) have the ability to modify this.  Normal users have read only access.  If this is public devices why can't normal user modify it?  Is there a way to get around this without granting every user Administrator privileges?  Or am I approaching this wrong?



      Thank you.



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          This is a state management problem, and it is being worked on for a future product.



          In the meantime,  you can delete the record, or you can flag the record. See this page for flagging option: http://www.droppedpackets.org/misc/external-unmodeled-data/




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            When the machine is being serviced(re-imaged) are steps being taken to keep the Device ID that identifies the system in LANDesk?  If they are then i suggest you take a look at iRecall as it allows you to temporarily archive a system to a queryable database with an audit trail and a location code (http://www.networkd.com/iv_iRecall.html). You can set a machine live again when ready or detect systems that were archived but have now become live again.



            If you aren't keeping the ID then the system will appear as a different machine to LANDesk and there is very little point in keeping the inventory records.



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              Thanks Mark



              The process so far is if the inventory record see the same Device ID and MAC address then it is assumed it's the same machine and the information, history etc is restored.  That is not too important to me, I just wanted to keep track of the physical machine.  If we searched through the database we will be able to determine where the physical machine is.  We are currently using another product to keep track of the machines, I'm just forward thinking incase we decide to drop that package and use LANDesk instead.