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    Auto Activation Failing


      Has anyone had issues with auto activations failing? This is not a consistent problem, but we know it does exist for some customers. If this has happened to you please provide the details like;


      LDMS Core and Patch Version

      How long the problem has existed

      Are you running on VM Ware? If so, what type?

      Is this a new install or have you upgraded?

      Any other details that seem relevant..


      We have a new LANDesk Usage Service EXE that may help to resolve this issue, but it is currently in test..


      Thanks for your help:)

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               This was occuring for my organization until today (I just upgraded to 9.5).  It happened for us shortly after we first installed LDMS/LDSS 9.0 SP3 in March of 2012.  It successfully activated one time then never again.  Upgrading to 9.0 SP4 didn't resolve the issue.  However today after upgrading to 9.5 it successfully auto activated...


          Our core server was not running on VMware.


          Other relevant info:

          It seemed to become an issue when we were going to add process manager to the core.. we cancelled when we realized it would be better suited to go on another server and ever since it seemed to never auto activate.





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            Thanks so much for the feedback. I will have to see if the other customers with this issue are using process manager, and if so where and how?


            Thanks again for the help.

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              We had an issue with one of our COREs on LD 9.5 SP0 where the activation process would show an error ("Unable to send the activation file to the LANDesk Activation server") the second it attempted to communicate with the LANDesk servers. Installing SP1 didn't solve the issue.


              In the end, we found that the issue was caused by the "AuthorizationServiceUrl" registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\LANDesk\ManagementSuite was missing so the activation process didn't know which address to use when contacting the LANDesk servers.


              We never found the reason for the key being deleted.


              The CORE is a physical box on Windows Server 2008 R2 originally installed with LD 9.0 SP3 and then upgraded to LD 9.5 SP0.