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    Notification emails sent out do not have valid URL Link


      The emails being sent out to end-users in regards to incidents being created or resolved do not contain a valid link.  For example, the emails being sent out contain the follwoing text:




      {ResponseLevel} Incident #{Id} has been marked as resolved.  You may use the link at the bottom of this e-mail to view the resolution notes.


      Resolution Summary: {Resolutions/Title}

      Resolution Details: {Resolutions/Description}



      Reported By: {RaiseUser}

      Report Date and Time: {CreationDate}

      Reference Number: {Id}

      Summary: {Title}

      Details: {Description}



      To go directly to this Incident, please click the link below:







      The last line is poulated with the following URL:




      This link is not populating with the incidents information and only leads the user to the Self Service Portal.


      What is wrong?