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    Running the same policy based task on the same device more than once




      I have a scenario in LANDesk 9.5 SP1 where I need to change the EPS configuration on a number of devices so they don't use the default configuration.


      I have created the task via "Change settings" to do this which just runs "vulscan.exe /changebehaviors /EPSBehavior=MyBehavior". The task is using a policy based delivery method and I'm using a LD query to find the targets for the task where the query is assigned (dragged) to the task so it's dynamic.


      The task runs fine the first time and changes the behavior as it should so the device is no longer in the query result.


      My problem is that I might get in a situation where the task needs to run again on a device that has already run it - e.g. if the configuration was changed as a part of troubleshooting or the LD agent got reinstalled on the device which then would mean the device is using the default configuration again. When this happen, the device will once again be a part of the query result, but it will not run the task again because the device is already there with a successful result.


      I thought that I could get around this by enabling "Deploy packages in this task even if they were previously deployed" on the task, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I've verified that the task does get "reloaded" by checking the SchedQry.exe.log file. Restarting the task via right-click -> Start now -> All will make the device run the task again, though.


      Will the frequency of the policy (which is currently "Once") always overrule this or is restarting the task always needed in situations like this?


      Thanks in advance.