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    Average Console Design Save Times & Is this Normal?


      Hello Community,


      I’m looking for some feedback from your experience with system performance when doing a lot of development work.


      We are currently building our Self Service System (not powered by Service Catalogue) and are finding Console (7.6.1), which we only use for design work incredibly slow!


      What would you say is your average wait for saving an Object, Window, Query etc? We were seeing consistent waits of 2 minutes no matter what the type of save is and then all of a sudden today this has jumped up to just under 5 minutes on just about every save!


      Our database has the following usage currently:

      • 10GB Data File (2.5GB Unused) (MDF File)
      • 15GB Transaction Log File (LDF File)

      We have checked for Unbound Collections and found no issues and the DB Server health (CPU, RAM, Utilisation, Network Connection etc) is "Exceptional" according to our DBA’s. We also have Snapshot Isolation running.


      On the TPS Server health front this is normal and has the below setup with plenty of resources available under the hood:


      • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (Service Pack 1)
      • VMware Virtual Platform
      • x64-based PC
      • 1 Processor Installed (AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 2 Authentic AMD ~2700 Mhz)
      • 8GB RAM
      • Services & Web Running on the same host which is fine in Dev


      These waits may be normal but trying to do a big project is incredibly time consuming and frustrating!

      Our DBA’s have captured some Perfmon Stats & Run a SQL Trace which will be analysed when they have available time hopefully early next week using RML Utilities and SQL Nexus.


      Fingers crossed someone maybe has the magic answer to ending this nightmare for us or can shed some light on the issue.


      After the DBA’s have checked the traces I will raise this with LANDesk Support but I don’t really know if this is normal currently.


      Thanks & Kindest Regards,


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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Dan,


          I've heard this from another customer on 7.6.1 as well so I'm interested to see what LANDesk sy on this too.





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            Hi Julian,


            Hope you are well! I'm working with Sebastian on the issue now as it’s got to the stage where its become unworkable. I will put up a reply with how we get along.


            Our DBA's are also digging through the DB to see what they can find.




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              I actually recently complained about the length of time taken to save a query and was told by LANDesk support that:


              "Unfortunately creating saving Queries is one of those task that will be slower than the remaining Service Desk and it is therefore suggested to always to this out of hours to not affect the live system whilst your Analysts are working with this"


              and was advised to raise an ER.


              My database is a similar size to yours, and I actually think that since I've upgraded to 7.6.1 this has got significantly worse - although proving this is difficult. Queries are particularly long to save and I can't even "sneak" a small change in during working hours as our system grinds to a halt for 2+ minutes for all analysts in the system. It makes my job difficult as people obviously want information and can't understand why I can't just get it for them. To be fair - I agree (and I don't enjoy having to stay late almost very day for something that should be routine)!


              I'll be interested to know what your DBAs find.

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                Hi Jill,


                I will keep you updated, its ongoing and LANDesk currently have a copy of our DB. We have done a lot of testing and tried a lot of things which has helped a little, the average save on a physical server is now down to 3 minutes with the saves to the same DB on an over spec'd VM taking just under 5 minutes still!


                What is very strange is no matter what action we are doing the save time is always to the second the same! If it’s a Window, an Object or even a Query you can set your watch by the time it takes to save which puzzles me.


                Do you not use TTL or even Design Transfer? We also cant do even minor work or things we class as BAU because it impacts all users, we therefore have a Release on average once a week which we task our Service Desk to do OOH. To the business we tell them that the item they want will get put in place on the next weekly slot.


                I love developing in LANDesk but the motto on training camps of "Save little and often" is impossible and the product is very frustrating when your tiring to deliver a very large project or even just make a few minor changes.


                Fingers crossed for a fix!


                Best Regards,


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                  1. LOG file - We have an 18GB database, but our log file is only 1.5GB.  Maybe you are in a different industry and need to record all changes, but your log file is 50% larger than your actual database?


                  2. CPU - Log into your servers and watch the CPU use DURING the save operation.  The Overall CPU use may look fine to your DBA, but during the save operation I gaurantee it's using 100% of the CPU on at least 1 of your servers.  Give your servers at least 2 cores.


                  3. RAM - We were experiencing console being slower and slower, sometimes hanging with errors.  I doubled the RAM on my app server from 8 to 16GB; problems disappeared, and console performance went from frustrating to pleasant.


                  SQL server: 4 cores / 16GB ram

                  App Server 4 cores / 16GB ram

                  Web Server 4 cores / 8GB ram


                  4. Console connection - What server does your console connect to?  I now connect to my app server framework, and I'm not sure if that's best practice or not, but it does allow me to reboot it if needed without any end user interuption, since they connect to the web server.


                  Hope it helps.  And for what it's worth, you could beg your admin to let you TRY increased resources for the servers as a test, even if he has to shut down something else for an hour for you to do it.