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    Addition of new ticket status


      I currently have the default actioned defined when created a new ticket with regard to it's status.


      When a ticket is being raised it's status is Open.

      Once it's saved and assigned it's status is In Progress, and can be changed to either Resolve, With 3rd Party or With Customer


      What I'd like to know if it's possible and how to do is create a new status at the same level in the process as with 3rd party/with customer that's defined as Pending Authorisation


      Can I copy the setup of either of my 2 current statuses in order to create a new one, and then just add it to my Incident process?


      Can someone please assist.




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          cgodden Specialist

          Are you trying to create a status for appending approval that stops teh clock?

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            Thanks for the response.


            Hopefully it's not as complicated as that. For our current with 3rd party & with customer statuses we don't actually stop the clock since we don't record or are measured against total ticket time.


            We utilise these statuses to track calls that aren't in the "In Progress" status that we either need to chase up a customer/supplier if we're not getting a response in a suitable time.


            In a similar way, we have tickets raised that we need management authorisation that we'd like to put in this new status "pending authorisation" and be able to track these particular tickets as opposed to those just in progress.


            Hope that makes sense and add some clarity

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              masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

              Hi Paul,


              if I understand you correct, this should be very simple. Just go into the process designer int Business objects, create a new "Other" status "Pending Authorisation" and connect this with two actions to your "In progress" status.

              The simplest way is to create two windowless actions "To authorize" to get to the new status and another action "Authorised" to get back to Pending. If you need more logic, you can send emails or  automatically assign to the people that should authorise the ticket.

              You can use for example the built in "Access Request" process...here you can see how a design could look like


              Hope that helps


              Kind regards