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    Status: Waiting   Result: Policy has been made available


      We have recently built a brand new core server for LANDesk 9.5 SP1 and are attempting to create our first distribution package to install an updated version of our anti-virus client.


      I've created the distribution package and all of that was fine.  I created a scheduled task based on the package and I'm using the 'policy supported push' method with 'standard policy-supported push distribution' as the sub policy.  When we run the task it becomes Active for about 10 seconds, and then goes into the status listed in the title of this discussion.  It's almost as if it is waiting for the client to do something.  Why is this?  I want to force the installation of the package, I do not want the client to have to do anything. 


      We did not have this problem with our old LANDesk 9.0 core server.  I compared the delivery method policies on the two cores and they are identical.  On the old server the package would actually push when told to do so.  Why on the 9.5 SP1 core is it acting as if I'm applying a pull policy rather than a push policy?

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          sterling22 SupportEmployee

          In 9.5 SDClient will return this message back to the core if it's waiting for another LANDesk process to complete (I.E. Vulscan is running).  Once the process completes SDclient will move forward with the installation.  If the install get's stuck behind another SDClient process then the task will return "Task Queued at Client for Execution" or will fail if you have disabled the task queue.