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    How to monitor software installs for Employees with local admin access

    Timmy Rookie

      Hey all,


      Hoping someone might be able to help or provide some previous experience, possible options or thoughts about how this can be achieved.


      To date in our environment we have been able to limit adminstration rights to just IT employees. However, we now have a group of software developers that require being added to the local administrators group on the laptop that they use.


      The solution is for perhaps over 100 employees, so i am looking for an automated way to report on this.


      So is it possible to run a report in LANDesk to see what applications have been installed on all machines where the user is in the local admin group, over the past 30 days??


      Im not looking for a report that would just show software installs over the past 30 days per machine, as i would have to run this report over 100 times. Just not practical, Something more automated?


      Is this possible in LANDesk?


      Anyone had experience of allowing employees local admin access and monitoring the software that they have installed?