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    Crystal Reports Auditing Report

    GlennSkinner Apprentice

      I am trying to create a report that will show only incidents where "ignore Agreements" has been ticked and the priority changed.  Within the report I need to show the following information


      Name of analyst who ticked ignore agreements

      date it was changed and the target date


      This report is required as we are finding a lot of people are ticking this and lowering priority to avoid breaching a call.


      Any help will be appreciated as I am novice using landesk especially the back end database.


      I have followed this article

      http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-4216 but it doesn't seem to be what I need.

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Glenn,


          You can easily report on records with "Ignore Agreements" enabled on it, however I'm not sure what you mean by those with the priority changed, could you clairfy?


          If you mean the record was saved with priority A, and someone then changed it to priority B, you can do that if the Response Level attribute is configured to be "Auditable" in Object Designer.  That will trigger a new audit trail record each time it is changed.  However it will only be when the SAVED value is changed.


          If the response level gets intially set by the SLA matrix when filling out an incident form, and someone ticks "Ignore Agreements" and picks a different repsonse level BEFORE the incident is saved then there won't be any record of that.

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            GlennSkinner Apprentice

            Hi Stu


            Thanks for the response.  I have started looking at this.  The main issue I have is because I am relatively new to Landesk I am unsure which values in which table I need to use when creating the crystal report.  Unless there is a way of doing this as a query within Landesk.