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    LDProvision folder is empty


      Has anybody seen when you network boot with Windows PE Provisioning that it simply boots into WinPE and than stops at the command prompt after basic winpe functions have been ran.


      Basically at this point, we se the X:\LDPROVISION folder is created but empty.


      It was working fine. Suddenly one of the OS deployment tasks failed during an inject unattend file. Restarted PXE Rep and provisioning would no longer load. It doesn't load in Windows or in Win PE - However, Win PE Menu still works.

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          Installation of WAIK was causing the issue. Unfortunatley the only remedy was to rebuild the CORE Server and link it to the old database.


          After uninstalling WAIK, it still required reinstallation of 9.5 SP1 and patches, and general conifigurations. Than redeployment of the PXE server and all returned to normal.


          Also the following was run in SQL so provisioning tasks could be scheduled.


                              update keyvalue set intvalue=0 where applicationname='WAIKLicenseAgreement'