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    T61 Provisioning - Imaging Works, Scripted Install Fails?

    Binskin Apprentice


      Thanks to this doc -> http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2832 i managed to get imaging up and running no problems, however the issue i am now running into is through our scripted installs.



      So far i have the following steps:



      Pre OS - Partition - Remove All, Create, Mount, Make Bootable, Format



      OS Install - Map Network Share, Copy PNP drivers



      Each of these steps complete successfully, but once the install begins it blue screens as it is unable to find the local hard disk?



      The same job completes no problems for our desktops, but the laptops seem to be generating grief, does the scripted install require the extra hdd drivers to start the install?



      Im just not to sure where to go looking from here, the PE side of things is working no problems, its the install that is causing the grief.



      Cheers - Ben