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    Installer cruft in root of drive




      First post, as we are evaluating the LanDesk agent for our Macs.


      We noticed that the LanDesk agent installer seems to leave two broken aliases at the root of the drive named "zh_Hans.lproj" and "zh_Hant.lproj". This is on a 10.9.1 system with LanDesk 9.5. We have repackaged the "LDMSClient.mpkg", as our deployment solution uses http and does not handle non-flat packages very well. Basically, we just added the mpkg and run a postinstall script that uses the 'installer -pkg LDMSClient.mpkg -target /" command. This works fine for installation, but we would like to avoid manual cleanup of those two broken aliases if possible.


      Also, we see a restricted folder named "~" appear at the root of the drive after the client is installed. The appearance of the folder seems to coincide with a Kaspersky vulnerability scan that is initiated from the server. Anyone seeing this?


      Thanks for any advice,




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          These files should not cause any issues, but this has been reported so that they do get removed.  What options do you have selected on the agent to see the "~"?  Are you using AV?

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            Hi, @LANDnate.


            Thanks for reporting this issue. In the meantime, we will probably script the removal of these files as part of our agent deployment. As far as options selected on the agent, we are pretty vanilla; not much customization. We plan on evaluating Kaspersky AV, so that is enabled. Again, the "~" directory does not appear until we initiate a scan from the server side. The folder contains:


            /~/Library/Application Support/Kaspersky Lab/KAV


            Hopefully this helps.