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    Error Unlicensed (2)


      When device tries to connect to Agent the error unlicensed message pops up on the Enabler on device.

      I have read the document about this subject (Version 2 - 5 Nov 2013)

      I verified all the causes/solutions and we don't match wich none

      The Avalanche SE version is

      The Avalanche Enabler version is 4.09-03 (same version for the old or new devices)

      Only the fact that only the "old" (bought August 2011) mobile devices get this error

      the new one (bought Sept 2012) doesn't have this error


      Do we have a "Best before date" to update the mobiles ?

      thanks to every body for an idea to fix this problem

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          nrasmussen SupportEmployee

          Are you using a pre-licensed Datalogic device?  Or just regular non pre-licensed devices?

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            thanks to ask me

            Yes we are using pre-licensed Datalogic device

            is it a problem ?

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              nrasmussen SupportEmployee

              No it's not a problem I just wanted that info as we treat those devices different.  For Datalogic devices they come pre-licensed for Avalanche management for 1 year.  This is determined based off of there manufacture date of the device.  Once the pre-license date has expired you will need regular Avalanche licenses for those devices to connect. 


              Datalogic should be able to provide you the licensing you would need.  You can contact their support at 1 (800) 929-3221

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                thanks you very much for the answer

                I'll contact Datalogic and will keep you updated

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                  pcdejong Rookie

                  Not completely true. Every (current) Datalogic mobile device comes with Avalanche pre-licensed. That license is valid indefinitely just like a normal Avalanche license.


                  There is also a maintenance license include for 1 year on the device. Which is normal because when you buy a normal license the first year of maintenance is also free.


                  This maintenance license enables you to run on a higher server version of Avalanche than your enabler is.


                  The easiest solution in this case is to update you enabler to match your server version (5.0). Or you can purchase maintenance Avalanche licenses if your not able to do this.


                  Gr Peter