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    Storage Adapters Status "0"

    VaLr Apprentice

      Storage Adapter.JPG


      Why the Status is 0?

      It suppose should be 14 because is Online


      What does it means?

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          Truffles SupportEmployee

          I could be wrong (as I don't work a lot with RAID) but I believe the status may refer to the status in the RAID array. I'm not sure if that's a standard in the industry or varies by RAID controller. Performing some research resulted in the following RAID statuses:


          Normal, Abnormal, Degraded, Crashed, Crashed--Read-Only Mode


          If I assign numbers to this and it starts with 0 it would indicate that the status of this drive in the RAID array is Normal. I hope this helps.

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            VaLr Apprentice



            Thank you for reply, i read the next document from ldsupport:




            It says:


            The three known conditions for the status of a disk in a RAID array are 12: OK; 13: Missing or Failed; and 14: Rebuilding. 




            So i dont know what information is correct...

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              Truffles SupportEmployee

              Good point. From that document I would side with the 12, 13, and 14 codes. I would assume that the "0" is either unable to get status (default) or perhaps a bug. A ticket with support might be the next thing to do. However, I would be curious if this same issue happens on different RAID controllers or perhaps related to a specific model. Support will most likely need to attempt a duplication of the problem before sending to development. (aka...it's hard for a developer to fix something if they can't duplicate the problem...not impossible but difficult most times) It would be important information (if you're able to get it) if the problem is just related to one controller.

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                VaLr Apprentice

                I dont know, "Intel Dektop/Server Express chipset SATA RAID Controller" is the only controller model existent.