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    Need help with a settings issue


      I am trying to remotely do this using Avalanche without having to go to 150 scanners and do this individually :



      1.       Start > Settings > System > Intermec Settings > Device Settings > Power Management > Battery Power > Device turns off after > Disabled. 



      2.       Start > Settings > System > Intermec Settings > Communications > 802.11 Radio > Funk Security > Profile 1 > Power Mode – Change this from PSP to CAM.  CAM is Constant Awake Mode and is typically intended for devices where power isn’t an issue and usually provides better connectivity performance. 


      Anyone know if there is a setting that will allow me to deploy this with a few clicks?

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          nrasmussen SupportEmployee

          Intermec used to build Avalanche packages which could configure the Intermec settings via Avalanche.  I have not seen any recent packages to do this.  I would reach out to Intermec to see if they still have the ICCU(Intermec Configuration) avalanche packages, or another method to update these settings.  If they could provide registry values we could push these down from Avalanche.


          Intermec's support number is 1 (425) 348-2600


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            Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

            I've accomplished this before by using Intermec's SNG utility to create XML files of Intermec settings that you push down via Avalanche into the SSConfig directory on the device. The SSConfig directory will automatically process any file that ends in the .XML extension, you will just need to use Intermec's utilities in order to generate XML settings files  that are formatted properly.


            For example, a sample XML I've used before for Intermec devices with Avalanche is listed below. This should include the Battery Management setting that you are looking for, unfortunatley I do not have a sample for the 802.11 settings.



            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

            <DevInfo Action="Set" Persist="true" SeqNo="3">

            <Subsystem Name="Device Settings">

            <Group Name="Power Management">

            <Group Name="Battery Power">

            <Field Name="Backlight turns off after">300</Field>

            <Field Name="Screen turns off after">0</Field>

            <Field Name="Device turns off after">0</Field>


            <Group Name="External Power">

            <Field Name="Device turns off after">0</Field>





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