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    Can't delete a powershell scheduled task


      I have two scheduled tasks that were off of the same PowerShell distribution package. A co-worked created them (we are both LANDesk admins) and wanted me to look at it - somehow when I refreshed it into my distribution package view the primary file didn't get associated with it so I couldn't add any targets to the scheduled task. When I went to delete either of them I was told that there wasn't a primary file associated with the package. So I went back to the distribution package and selected the ps1 file to run. Didn't change anything so I created a new scheduled task and was able to run the powershell script but I am still unable to delete these two scheduled tasks.


      I closed out of LanDesk and opened it back up and now I cannot right click on the objects at all and the Delete X in the pane is greyed out. I am able to delete all of my tasks but these two. Same issue if I try from all tasks.


      Anyone run into this?