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    Help with creation of Reminder




      Under our knowledge base process we would like to send email notifcations out (automatically) when a technician submits an article, they will then get another if its approved or rejected etc..


      When i went into the process to add the automatic action i noticed that there was not a reminder action available.  So i created a new business object under the Knowledge base called Reminder KB.  I added the relevant attributes required for a reminder to work - Is Active (boolean), Send Date, Body, Subject, then a link to the main article object and user object.  Made this new Reminder KB object an Action.


      Created a window using the attributes created above.


      Now when i go into the Knowledge Base process we can add the Reminder automatic action. Drop this in the appropriate places for when we would like the email to send.  Open the reminder and tick Is Active, set the send date to one in the past and then set the user to creation user using a value type and write a title and description out.


      It's not working, can anyone advice what i have missed... i have compared this new action to an existing Reminder in our incident process and the only difference i can see is that all the attributes i have created have underscores in their name (e.g. _IsActive, _SendDate etc...), is this why its not working, if so why has it created underscores?


      Thanks loads