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    Software Deployments using security groups


      Hi Everyone. Im new to LANDesk, most of my background is with SCCM so forgive me if im asking some obvious questions.


      Basically i plan to deploy most of my software using security groups, This is because its easier for the Service Desk staff to then deploy software to a bulk of users and also If a users PC is rebuilt, (once the user logs in) the software will be redeployed.


      The question i have regarding this topic is how to manage the deployments for hot desk machines. The security groups are done by user and not by machine (for ease of management), If Jo Bloggs logs on application x will install, If Jim Bloggs logs onto that machine after, will the software again try and install? I believe that maybe there needs to be a rule, "if this file doesnt exist dont run" I dont want to have to create bat files for every install (to add additional files) as we have a mixture of bat, exe and MSI install files. Maybe if there was a way of saying "if the jobs successful put X key in the registry.


      I hope you understand what im getting at here. Opinions and suggestions appreciated!

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