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    MSI using Transform file LANDesk 9.5 help needed


      Package help needed


      I have created a MSI package that uses a Transform file, but The package is not working.

      The transform file is not being read...


      Please see below examples of package (we are using a web share)


      Software Install.JPG


      and here are the install options used


      Install options.JPG


      The software copies to the client machine OK and starts to run but say that teh serial number is incorrect, it not reading the transform file

      We have also tried (/T admin.mst) with teh same issue


      The software installed via a batch file using the tramsform file works of outside of LANDesk. format below


      MSIEXEC.EXE /i "\(Software Path)\Nuance PDF Converter 8\package\Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise 8.msi" ALLUSERS=1 TRANSFORMS="(Software Path)\admin.mst" /qb


      Any help would be appreaciated