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    Request Management - Can't get Assignment Notification for "Add  Task" to work

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      Issue: In Service Request  Management (and Change Management) the Optional Action “Add Task” does not work the same as in the Incident Management module. Specifically – in the Incident process the optional action also sends a notification to the assignee.

      Note: At the end of this information I make reference that I think I know the “issue” – I just can’t figure out the answer.  I believe I am in the Request Process I am not getting the right window for a Task assignment – but as I note I am still stuck where to go.


      See screen shot from Incident Management – using the Optional Action:


         IM - Optional Add Task.png


      In Request Management a similar approach was tested. Note that the Request Management module has a slightly different Window – but neither have any requirement to check a notify assignee type box.


      RM - Manual Add Task.png


      As noted – the Incident sends notices when a Task is created (using Optional Action) while Request and Change processes do not.

      Since the Optional Action seems not to work I have decided to put the Add Task and then the associated Notification within the Process. However – I am not able to get this working and after 15-20 different attempts and variations to get this working I am at the end of my rope.




      Latest Attempt: I am trying to use the “Reassign” after creating the Task. There are several reasons for the approach:

      ·         The manual Reassign action available to the User successfully sends a notification (after the user checks the Notify Assignee box and completed the information)

      ·         The Assignment has the intelligence to ONLY send to the Analyst when Both Group and Analyst is populated – the Notification I believe considers these as 2 different targets.

      So – the process looks like this:


      RM - Manual Add Task.png


      Note in the Assignment Window I have tried multiple combinations of Group and Analyst (my first thoughts were perhaps the placeholders were not finding what was set in the “Add Task” action. Finally however I added a known Role (P1 Managers) that I know has members and successfully receives SLA notifications from Incident Management.

      Note: Note the Assignment Window – check boxes OK and the detail I want sent


      However – No emails are sent. When I look at the Task in Web Desk – it has been assigned to the Analyst I choose – but clicking the Assignment from the History shows the Window is slightly different AND it is not populated with my values set (notice “Notify Assignee” is not checked).

      I believe this is the issue – but I am at an impasse finding out why. What Am I missing? I’m sure I’m close but after every 15 minute “change” to try something just a bit different or to blow it up and add back again I get the same results.


      RM - Actual Assignment Window.png


      Now – Having said all of that – I think I know what the issue IS (the window difference gives me the clue) but I’m not sure still how to correct this. The Window I have in the Process is the “Request” Reassign. The Slightly different window that I see from the History is I believe a “Task” reassign (maybe even a Request task Reassign” vs. Incident Task Reassign).

      But the Only “reassign” I have in the Process to put after my Add task action is this one. Am I simply working in the wrong Process? I know there is something I’m just not getting.


      Thanks for any assist. I am also opening an incident with support - but the responst time of days or weeks is killing my progress and this ability to notify upon task assignment is something I simply "must have" working.





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          I think the root cause of this is that your incident task process and request task processes work in different ways.  My guess is that the incident task process has an assignment and/or a reminder at the beginning of the task process and this sends the message out.  Typically this mechanism could be used for all task processes in all domains, but you may well find it is not set up that way for request (and change) task processes.

          So compare your task process for incident request and see how they are different, especially right at the start.


          As an FYI our OOTB processes have the various domain tasks processes set up the same way to avoid this issue.  They also send a notification back to the assignee of the main process when the task is completed so the assignee of the incident or request gets to know someone has completed a task.


          Your last set of windows shows a slight confusing between task assignments and process assignments.  The first window is the assignment for the request, the second is for the task.  Two different objects and hence two different windows with different contents.


          You might also consider never using assignments to send messages, but always using reminders.  We tend to do this so customers have the same spot to edit when changing messages instead of pecking around in both assignments and reminders.  Both methods work, but you need to be clear about which one you are using.  Just a thought.

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            Thanks for the reply - after confirming I feel like an idiot! I did not realize that there was a distinct Task process (I'm a bit new in LDSD as well as tring to live with pretty close to what our cunsultant left us with). So - after the nudge to the Task Process all was there - nothing more than checking the notify assignee on the assignment! And of course a reminder was already in place for the completion that only needed to check the notify originator.


            When the Optional Action worked in the Incident process it was too easy to assume something written in the background was in control. Thanks for the help - it saved my at least a few days of frustration!



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              Sorry - thought that was clear. Once I found that I was looking in the wrong process and found the "Request Task" process I was able to simply activate the assignment by checking the Notify assignee. All is now working as expected - and I have standardized this in the Incident Task, Request Task, and Change Task processes.