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    Query multiple attributes




      I have a form that our techs complete and wish to create a query that allows you to enter a word that will search all the attributes used to create the form.


      E.g. the form has.... title, description, solution, date, category etc..


      Rather than having a query to search description, a query to search solution etc. etc.. i would like to have just one query that would search in all these fields for that word(s).


      Can this be done?  i thought about creating a new field and using a copy rule to populate it with everything from the other fields then query this new field but this doesnt seem to work, its only copying one field over.  Perhaps im over complicating this.


      Any ideas?



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          When you create a query use a criteria for each item you might want to use (limit 10 per a bug unless it's fixed in 7.7) and then at the bottom of the Criteria Window (after you drag an attribute to the list of current criteria) there is a checkbox for "Prompt user to specify value".  When the query runs there will be a pop up window asking for the values in each criteria.  Changing the "AND" to an "OR" is very important as an "AND" will requires a value in each attribute where using "OR" allows to use any that are needed.


          The next thing you will want to do is change the description of the attributes in the popup.  IE, a standard user won't know what a reference number or raise user is.  I know of no way to do that.  It would be kind of nice if that Criteria window had a place to put the prompt's question so "Raise User" could be "User that called in problem".

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            thanks i was using 'AND' which was causing the issues, should have realised this!

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              I have done that as well and yes, it doesn't work so good.  "Or" is our friend.