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    Calendars and SLAs

    GarethReeves Apprentice

      Can Any one point me in the right direction I need som ehelp understanding Calendars used in the SLAs.


      Currently we have one calendar setup for UK time zone, this is set against the SLAs.


      However we now have analysts in the US so the SLA is only working on UK times which causes issues when an Incident is logged in the uk and assigned to an Analyst in the US the SLA breaches before the US get out of bed!


      Amy ideas how I get around this so the SLA updates to the the Analysts local time zone?



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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Gareth,


          By default the time zone used is taken from the Response Level itself but you can change that to be picked up from any other time zone attribute, for example the time zone of the Raise User.


          For more (much more!) information see the section called "Time zone association" in the Administrator guide - page 88 on this document: LANDesk Service Desk Suite 7.7 Administrator.



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            GarethReeves Apprentice

            Thanks thats great, so I can change the time zone attribute to Current Assignment/User/Time Zone Name to pickup the time zone assigned to the analyst?


            Other thing that conerns me is the first to paragraphs on page 89 about creating an attibute with Int16 or Int32 do I need to do this? the Timezone attribute for teh anlaysts however is a string not an INT, is that a problem?


            Thanks, Gareth

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              I would like to know how you fixed this? We have a similar situation and by default the system picks up the timezone of default calendar. In this case UK calendar.

              I have set the timezone attribute to Raise User/Timezone Name attribute,  but the breach time is calculated based on UK calendar and just displays it in the end user time zone ( US time zone) and off course US cannot take up this Incident because it is outside office hourse for them. Any help appreciated.