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    Report against "Action Instances" within Change Management


      Hi all,


      I have been tasked with reporting against our Change Management process with details of changes that have successfully passed through each "Action Instance" and "Automatic Action Instance" so that we are able to see how many changes are being rejected early in the process and where more information is requested prior to the CAB.


      I can see these within the Process Designer page as Actions within the Business Objects tab but I am unable to find the correct attributes by which to build a report around.




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          If you are using the query designer you'd look on the main process object and then the collection and then select the attributes from the particular collection.  So Incident/Notes and then Title or whatever.  You can also write your query against the collection directly by starting your query against Incident Notes and then refer to the incident attriubutes if needed.


          If you are using Crystal, then I'd take a look at the standard Incident.RPT file delivered as that shows you how to refer to and report on collections using subreports.

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            But I don't think you have understood what I mean.  When in Process Designer you have certain Statuses the have "Actions" associated with them, for example - "More Information Required" we want to report on these types of actions.


            I have had a look through the collections as you have mentioned but I am unable to find any reference to this.


            We are specifically interested in Change Management portion of this.


            Thanks again


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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Adam,


              Depending on the type of action you'll need to report on them differently.  For example for your "More Information Required" action does running this open a window to fill out information?  If so then there will be an object holding this data each time and you can create a query against that.


              If the action is just "performed" without any window appearing then this is known as a "windowless" action and the only way to report on this would be by extracting the information from the audit trail records.  You can't do this within a query in Service Desk but can via the database directly.  See this document for more details: Extracting data from the incident audit trail.

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                Stus audit trail reporting should help if you what to know what happened when.  But if you also need to know the data that was stored at the time the action was carried out,  then let's use the More Inforamtion Required example and see where we get to with that.  Does this action cause a window to pop up?  If not, then Stus article above might give you what you need.  If it DOES pop up a window, and I suspect it does from it's name, then it is quite likely (but not certain) that you will have a collection holding this information and then you can report on it.


                To see what you have, ideally you would contact the person who did the design for you and ask them "Where did you store the More Information Requried Information, or is it a windowless action?"  If you cannot do that (because the person is unobtainable, left, costs money to ask etc), then you going to have to reverse engineer this a bit.  Now that action "More Information Required" is in the OOTB database and is a regular collection based action, so I strongly suspect if you look in the query designer you will find you can write a query against Change Management/Information Requests and that will contain your "More Information Required" data.  You could also get to this by writing a query against Change Management/Change and dragging data from the Information Requests Collection onto your query.  I'd go for the attributes Inforamtion Requested, Details, Create Date and Create user/Title.

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                  Thanks to both of you.


                  The windows that are automatic and don't open a window are now being reported upon, that document Stu was very helpful and saved me a lot of time working out the tables, granted I had to change Incident to Change but it worked.


                  Now to work on the ones where windows open. 


                  I will post my queries on here once done as an aid to others.

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                    With regards the query that you have mentioned, would you do a seperate one for each of the "pop up box actions"  The ones I need to write one for are -


                    More Information Required


                    Implementation Failed


                    Close with Incident


                    It would work better for me to have it as one Dataset within SQL but I am struggling to write the query, if you are able to help that would be great!