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    Hostname from service tag



      Is there a way to automate the hostname of a machine from the service tag in the bios when its deployed?




      A script that can change the service tag in the bios to be the same as the hostname?

      Thanks in advance for any help.....



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Colin,


          You can use database variables during depoloyments. You need to see if it has been picked up by the mini inventory that happens when a machine boots into provisioning. If that is working, the you can set up a variable in Provisining that can be used to stamp your unattend.xml with the PC Name using the database value. There are some examples in the variables list that will show you how you would reference it.


          If it is not being picked up within the scan then it will need to be done by a script you launch on the device that will then modify the unattend.xml.


          If you asre importing CSV files as Bare Metal systems prior to provisioning, that can include the tag and then you would definitiely have it available for the provisioning process.


          So no specifics here, just a few of possibilities.


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