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    Mail Account Limits?


      I am trying to use 5 e-mail accounts.  Their all set up exactly the same way and all have the same mappings and passwords.  I can log on to OWA to all 5 accounts.  Only 3 imports are working.  So I wonder, is there a limit of 3 for mail imports?  I guess it's possible I am missing some tiny detail but I have looked several times now.  Event log did not complain about the two non working accounts when the passwords were wrong nor say anything when they are right.  It's as if they don't exist.


      I have restarted the services and sent real basic "Test" e-mail yet the import fails to create incidents like it does with the 3 working accounts.  They all use the same process and all use a different template.  The only thing different on the templates is the category and the Title.