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    Recommended approach to create new process


      I am brand new to LDSD my only experience sent on the Bootcamp recently. In the near future I will be tasked with creating quite a lot of stuff I believe mainly around service requests, However as an initial foray I have been asked to look at creating a process to manage procurement exemption. I work in local government and currently there are 5 different paper forms that have quite a lot of commonality with different approvals and authorizations based on the value of the procurement. The intention is to replace these 5 forms with a single dynamic e-form which will allow for consistent entry and ensure the correct approval workflow is instigated without the form filler needing to know the underlying rules. It will also allow tracking of request which as a paper form is tricky to maintain.


      Analysis has already been completed by others resulting in a business logic diagram and user cases.


      Never having done this before and with no other in-house expertise to draw on I am having difficulty in deciding where to begin - process, lifecycle, form design, database objects, groups and roles ...


      Does anyone have an approach they would recommend?

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          Stu McNeill Employee



          Others might chime in with their suggestions but here is the process I go through:


          1. Define the business process.  I usually do this in Viso or Word.

          2. Define the specific information you need to capture on the request itself and in each step of the process.


          That should give you the objects, attributes and actions you need to create in Object Designer.  Follow that up with the windows and finally the process design itself to tie it all together.



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            cgodden Specialist

            I agree with Stu, Map everything out ahead of time in some form of document. Not only does that give you a good plan for the work flow and objects but everyone involved can sign off on it easily before you start creating anything in SD

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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              I agree with both.  You have to define how you want things to flow visually before putting it into place.  It'll make more sense to you when you can see it first.  I personally am a whiteboard and dry erase marker guy.    After that, I just take a picture of it and put it into place.


              Good luck!