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    Question about delivery method


      Hi team.

      I need simply explanantion about delivery method. To be more specific my question concerns policy delivery method.



      The software distribution task based on policy delivery method. The task is targeted to a normal query in LANDesk, or LDAP objects, or device group.


      We assign the task to a  normal query, or LDAP objects.


      1. Do we need to schedule the task to repeat for specific time (1 hour for example) so that hit all new devices which appear in query, or a new devices just added in LDAP query?

      2. In what time new device appear in scheduled task, when we have starded task one time, without repeating?

      3. Is there any good practice to use "repeat" option with POLICY delivery method, or it makes sense only with PUSH?


      As I understand In this delivery method we don't need schedule task to repeat every specific time until any changes were made in the package?

      Am I correct?