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    Auto Close Process - Recording Time Question

    Chris_W Expert

      A scenario that is puzzling me and hopefully someone can offer a solution?


      I have an auto close process as below.

      Auto Close.jpg

      This process is used for scenarios such as our password resets/account unlocks and general help and advice calls.


      Our categories have working time associated to them and the condition looks to see if this value is null. If not then the record time action window uses a value type to specify a runtime value of Incident/Category/Working Time.


      The record time window also has an attribute to show the incident number and this all works as normal on all non auto close processes.


      The issue I'm having with this process is that the incident ref is not being applied to this attribute on the record time window (have applied a value type to do this) and I suspect this is because the incident ref isnt generated until it's too late ie: closed.


      It's not an option to have these sitting open and close en masse out of hours and I wondered if anyone had a solution?