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    Prerequisit in Package to identify if the Product Version is higher

    kesch Specialist

      I want to check with Prerequisit query in my MSI Package if the Software is already installed, but with higher version. It is no problem to get this information and the query detected it right. But the return code for clients which does not meet prerequisits is failed. I want that client sees that the installed product version is higher and do nothing. Actually it is correct that it is failing, but my package is in a package bundle. So I want if the product version is higher do nothing and go to the next package. Unfortunately it fails and the client stops at this point. The normal detection rule does not work if the installed package is a higher version than the version in my package, so it wants to install and fails.

      Is there a way I can solve this with the Prerequisit Section or I have to wrap my package in a script?

      Have you any ideas?


      Thank you for help.

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Pre-reqs only decide if the package can be installed or not. Since your desired state is that under a certain circumstance it is OK not to install the package then a pre-req is not sufficient.


          One way instead is to look at the package in question being wrapped in a script so that the script decides the install or not for a version that is newer than the one in the package.Either case (install or not) would end in a success and allow things to continue.


          I suppose you could avoid including the particular package in the bundle and instead set it as a dependency within one of the other package bundle entries. With a dependency you can be more specific about whether something should be installed or not, and if it isn't needed it does not cause a failure. The difficulty is that you cannot set dependencies on a package bundle, only on packages within the bundle hence the reason for not including it in the bundle.


          Hope one of these helps.


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            kesch Specialist

            I solved it this way. I created a simple batch file, which call the msiexec with the command I want. Then I made a distribution package and set a detection rule, so it won't install, if the package is already installed.


            It is a pity that you can't add a detection rule for MSI Packages. I can understand MSI don't need a detection logic, but if i want to define somthing special.