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    Portal Manager How to


      I am looking to leverage the portal manager in my organization on Landesk 9.5 sp1 to empower users to install approved software packages on their own to reduce demand on the Helpdesk.


      The image will help give an understanding.


      You can see that I am using the left most menu for applications. I am looking for a better way to organize as ultimately I suspect there will be 10-15 applications here.


      Second, I have not been able to determine what the center pane under name, type, description etc. is for.


      Can someone give me an example of how this portal could leveraged? I picturing major headings on the left under launch pad like Office Apps, Backup Ups etc that would populate a selection to the center screen for choices. Does this make sense?


      Ultimately I am in need of some resources and insight into how to use this part of Landesk and what it can truly do.


      Thanks in advance,



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          sterling22 SupportEmployee


          So you can use the side pain for adding available applications for your end users.  You can also use the Launchpad to insert links, package installations, setup files, or even direct links to really any type of file as long as your end client machines no what program to open the file type being targeted.  You can see an example of the column usage here in the above picture. 

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            v.taillet Apprentice

            We use launchpad just to allow users to distribute packages on their own device.

            Is there a way to customize it ? (i'm not talking about the portal manager custo, which can be done easily)



            All the applications have the same black & white icon, is there a way to put a different icon per package ?

            Users don't found this portal "sexy", they want to have a "google play like"


            2014-04-01 18_49_54-portal2.png


            Another thing, I have created some categories, with some accents.

            The portal is not able to display it, whereas I can see that some accent are displayed, what is the problem ? (i have tried to find it in sql database, without success)

            2014-04-01 18_48_09-portal.png

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              Hi James,


              The portal manager doesn't quite work the way I think you are wanting it to (and the way I wanted it to).  On the left are "application" tabs where I think you may be wanting them to be more like catergories.  There was catergories in the old Desktop manager but they have now changed to filters on the right-hand side.  The applications tabs on the left can be configured in the portal manager settings found under toolbox item "agent settings", in the console.  In the middle you will have all the software distribution tasks based on "Optional" or "Recommended" type policy based delivery methods.  The difference between the two being whether or not the software is ticked by default when opening portal manager.  Also in the man launchpad tab will be any launchpad links that have been deployed to the device.


              Moving on to how we use it... We have all our links and free applications listed in Launchpad tab and are looking at implementing a couple of applications down the left to do things like common forms, computer deletion tool, force patching scan and repair.


              Hope this helps.  I can get screenshots if you like but I haven't put them in because we have a bit of branding on there.

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