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    Stopping a Manual Patch and Compliance Scan


      Hey Everyone!


      So I'm going through testing out LD 9.5SP2 (and LD in general) and I have found an issue I'm not comfortable with.  So, if I right click on a managed device and then do "Patch and Compliance Scan Now..." it will start scanning.  That's great!  But my issue resides with me trying to cancel that task.  That task does not display in the Scheduled Tasks pane, nor does it's Status Window allow you to right click anywhere and cancel the task.  NOR does the console allow you to right click the device and cancel all tasks or ANY tasks for that matter.


      With that said.  How the heck am I supposed to disable/cancel/stop a scan/task that I manually started without it being a scheduled task? 


      I feel like this shouldn't be a complicated ordeal.  If I make a mistake and start a task, I should be able to send the agent a follow up task to stop any/all/specific tasks.  Does anybody know a way?


      Thanks SO much in advance.  I really want this product to work out for me!