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    Error_Fail -1917190230




           i just upgraded from 9.5 base to SP2. we are now trying to image comptuers with OSD and are getting the following error message in the CL-OSD script on the Core server. i have created a support ticket already but am wondering if anyone out in the community has any thoughts or knowledge on what could be causing this. basically i can boot all the way into the WinPE Menu. when i try to deploy my Win7_32bit OS it loads all the drivers successfully and then get stuck on a blank X:\ldclient\drvmap.exe console window. asside from the CJ-OSD log on the core i am not sure what other logs to reference in troubleshooting.



      "0023245D7423","OK",0,0:00:00,2/14/2014 11:54:48 AM,2/14/2014 11:54:48 AM,"WINPE, TIMEOUT=1800"

      "0023245D7423","OK",-2147024809,0:00:01,2/14/2014 11:54:49 AM,2/14/2014 11:54:50 AM,"diskpart /s X:\LDClient\rmvol.txt"

      "0023245D7423","ERR_Fail",-1917190230,0:02:00,2/14/2014 11:54:52 AM,2/14/2014 11:56:52 AM,"ldrun drvmap.exe [DOMAIN]\[USER] 21081D86E67C2FCCA5E43557D31058CF111685F0F13 I: """\\[SERVER]\[IMAGESHARE]""", STATUS FACILITY=3513"

      ; "Job Complete","0 Done","1 Failed","0 Off","0 Unknown"