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    Toggling between sessions in TE

    Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

      If I have configured TE with two or more Host Profiles and I have active connections to two or more Telnet/SSH sessions is there any way to toggle between the open sessions besides using the drop down file menu? We are trying to avoid giving users access to the menu system at all.


      Ideally I would want to use a keypress to toggle between my active sessions. I thought that this might be possible using scripting with the Run_Application command but it seems a bit convoluted.


      My theory was to have the following logic (understand this is pseudocode):


      Script Session1Toggle

           Activate on (Keypress XYZ)

                Run_application (TelnetCE.exe --host "HostProfile2name")


      Script Session2Toggle

           Activate on (Keypress XYZ)

                Run_application (TelnetCE.exe --host "HostProfile1name")



      Would this work as a toggle between active sessions or would it launch completely new instances of TE with each call?


      Are there any other available methods?