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    LDMS 9.5 SP2 cannot connect to Cloud Services Appliance / Gateway when using a proxy server




      I currently have a LDMS 8.8 SP4 and LMS 9.0 SP3 cores that are both connecting fine to a Cloud Services Appliance using a proxy server.


      I've recently started configuring a LDMS 9.5 SP2 core and I cannot get it to connect to the CSA when I put my proxy settings (identical to the other two, same vlans, etc.).


      The BrokerService.log states:

      Unable to create tunnel to [my CSA internal DNS name] 3 (Proxy: [my proxy server]:8080, ProxyUser: )


      Anyone else experiencing the same?


      PS>As soon as I remove the "use internal address" setting in the CSA config screen from the core, it can connect fine (I guess that you really don't need 2 connections for the gateway as it seems that if you don't select the "user internal address" checkbox, the core will communicate with the CSA via the external CSA connection).