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    How to get rid off category & shortcut from desktop manager Launchpad ?

    fifo Apprentice

      Hi I can't find way to remove some "trash" from my LANDesk system..


      During testing & presenting delivery methods I made couple of categories and shortcuts for Desktop manger under Launchpad & Software Deployment Portal..


      All works fine, but i have one shortcut (seznam.cz) that is never being deleted no mather what I do..


      What I already did:

      I deleted folder sdmcache from client PC

      I deleted all existing links from Link Management

      I even deleted the category it belongs to (WWW), but it's still there even inside the nonexisting category

      .. my category list:



      Finally I even tried to uninstal LANDesk agent, clear registry and folders on this client PC, but after installing agent again, the shortcut is back right after  !?


      Any other idea please?