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    Cannot delete scheduled task

    RobLent Specialist

      Hi all,


      Running LDMS 9.5 SP1


      We have a power policy task that seems to be 'stuck'.


      There are workstations that have succeded, some failed, some active and some pending.


      However I cannot cancel or remove any of the workstations from the scheduled task or delete the task itself!


      Anyone else seen this and have a solution that will allow me to delete this task?



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          Have you tried restarting the scheduler service?

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            I have the same issue also. i have even restarted the server with no luck

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              mbaney Apprentice

              I frequently see this as well.  I’m running on 9.5 (no SP).  It seems to occur after dragging a device onto a scheduled task.  I have to kill the console via task manager to bring it back.

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                Peter Massa Expert



                With in the LANDesk console locate the stuck task.  Right click on the task and select “info”.  The info page should open and in the top right there should be an ID listed for that task.  We will assume that ID = 100.

                Now login to your LANDesk database with an account that has the ability to run UPDATE.


                To lookup a task to validate you have the correct task id use the following command:

                SELECT * FROM LD_TASK WHERE LD_TASK_IDN=’100′

                To reset a task use this command:


                *Note: if you copy paste the above text, you might need to retype the apostrophes as they sometimes do not copy correctly.


                Now with-in the LANDesk console you should be able to refresh your screen to view the unstuck task.


                Source: http://petermassa.com/?p=275

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                  RobLent Specialist

                  Well thanks for the suggestions.


                  In the end I rebooted the server and was then able to delete the stuck task.


                  Not ideal but I needed to get it done.


                  Thanks for the workaround Peter but it seem a lot of work just to delete a scheduled task.


                  Thanks again for the answers.